Friday, 11 July 2014 news

Alex McLean/Susanne Palzer - 'On-gaku'/work in progress

We, Alex McLean and Susanne Palzer, are presenting a preview of our new live coding experiment 'On-gaku' at "In the Courtyard" - a fundraising event by Bloc Projects, Sheffield - this Saturday, 6.35pm.

Our first collaboration at OPEN PLATFORM_4 explored "binary transmission" through the act of stepping on and off a platform (Palzer) and knitting (McLean). With 'On-gaku' we are building upon this work by presenting a new audio-visual connection between our performance and live coding practices.

Alex will also later live code some music for barbecues, in the algorave style if the mood is right!

"In the courtyard"
Saturday, 12 July 2014, 5-9pm

Bloc Projects
71 Eyre Lane
S1 4RB

The Facebook event is here.

With thanks to John X. Moseley for additional technical support.