RRRR(s) Random Glossary

Random Process


RAM = random access memory/RAR = random access research/RAA = random access art + RAP(s) = random access performance(s)


A pathname consists of directory names separated by slashes (/). If a pathname starts with a slash (/), it begins at the root directory. If a pathname doesn't start with a slash, it begins at the working directory. (from Unix for Dummies, IDG Books Worldwide Inc. 1995) 

Asynchronous transmission

The method of transferring data over the internet ... is packet switching. When you send an email message over the internet, the message is formed into packets and sent from node to node until it reaches the final destination. ... The transmission mode can be either synchronous or asynchronous. ... In asynchronous transmission, the sending and receiving units are not synchronized to one another. Although asynchronous transmission is cheaper ... data transmission is slower. (Transmission methods and modes, cybertext.com)