Tuesday, 20 November 2012

OPEN PLATFORM_2 09 November 2012 at Access Space - Audience

RAP(s) - Random Access Performance(s)- TwT.createyourownplatform

There was a great atmosphere at OPEN PLATFORM_2 as everybody crammed into the Access Space foyer to enjoy the intimate performances:


All images courtesy of Richard Bolam/That Timelapse Guy, Susanne Palzer and Access Space.

OPEN PLATFORM_2 09 November 2012 at Access Space

OPEN PLATFORM/RAP(s): recycled plywood,
laser cut at Refab Space,
with thanks to John X. Moseley 
Random Access Performance(s) - TwT.createyourownplatform

Thanks to all the performers who took up the challenge of performing the digital without using anything digital and everyone who made it down to Access Space for OPEN PLATFORM_2! It was a great evening with a great atmosphere which took the event to the next level! ;)

We will be planning OPEN PLATFORM_3 for early next year. If you are interested in performing please get in touch with Jake or Susanne.