Monday, 18 June 2012

RAM = random access memory/RAR = random access research/RAA = random access art/RAP(s) = random access performance(s)

Day 13: Are you sure that people will recognize you in this photo? It doesn't have a face in it.

Publicity day: taking flyers to various places, getting to grips with BLOGGING. It takes me 2 hours to set up a blog and understand the basics. Another two hours to fill in the first page. Maybe not too bad but not fast enough as time seems to just run away. Not much time left until the Preview Event on Friday and still a performance to work out!

This is also at the heart of the project: the constant information overload and need to process this information. Sometimes it feels that everything one does on a day to day basis needs to be either learned, re-learned or altered daily. Learning is exciting but my brain feels slow, low on processing speed and RAM … I wonder how the older generation copes with this … or do they just refuse to engage? ...

The Random Process Experiment runs from 06 June until 31 July 2012. During this period the exhibition space will fluctuate between production space (on) and exhibition (off). I will be working in the space at certain times (on) and will publish these times in advance. Feel free to visit any time and have a chat!  

Please check out the 'Previously on RAM/RAR/RAA+RAP(s)' pages where I will document the progress of the project!