Tuesday, 3 June 2014

TwT.network news

Kate Sicchio

We are waving goodbye to choreographer Kate Sicchio who is leaving Sheffield, UK for the States. A big thank you for her involvement with OPEN PLATFORM so far - for performances, collaborations and valuable input into thought processes! Kate will be our TwT.woman in NYC. Watch this space!

More about Kate's work and upcoming events here.

Kate Sicchio preparing to perform Pure Data Dance at OPEN PLATFORM_2.

Message received!
Asynchronous Transmission by Kate Sicchio and Susanne Palzer for OPEN PLATFORM_4.

Kate Sicchio pressing 'Enter' to execute shell script for OptionX by On Off Trio at OPEN PLATFORM_5.

Testing Timelapse set up - with Richard Bolam and Alex McLean. 

Good Luck from all at OPEN PLATFORM!