About RAM/RAR/RAA+RAP(s) at Access Space/2012

A Random Process Experiment
by Susanne Palzer
at Access Space, 06 June – 31 July 2012

RAM = random access memory/RAR = random access research/RAA = random access art + RAP(s) = random access performance(s)

What happens if we engage with unfamiliar fields of knowledge? How do we negotiate 'knowing' and 'not knowing'?

Over a recent period of R&D at Access Space I immersed myself in all things 'computing' with the aim of broadening my knowledge and in the context of my interest in technology and performance/art. This has been a challenging experience as 'not knowing' stares one in the face straight away.

Engaging with technology from the position of an artist I have devised
RAM/RAR/RAA+RAP(s) as a framework and strategy for responding to information overload in a creative way. This allows me to access information at random with the intention of recycling and appropriating bits of knowledge and with the aim to create new meaning and make new connections – and new art work.

Moving this process from the media lab into the exhibition space also highlights the blurred boundaries of art production and exhibition. During the duration of the show the foyer space will fluctuate between production space (on) and exhibition (off) as I will be working in the space at certain times and further develop the work.

Within our traditional understanding of art bringing the process of art production into the gallery space still raises questions about the nature of art itself. I am interested in challenging the common notion of art as a 'product' that is easily identified as 'art' = a physical object. For me process (art production) and product (an exhibited 'piece' of art) are equally interesting.

In my understanding art process is a random, non-linear process as opposed to moving from idea to product in a straight line. If 'art' arises from inspiration and intuition it can surface at different points of the process and evolve into different forms. And sometimes – like in a scientific experiment - nothing will happen.

For me RAM/RAR/RAA+RAP(s) sits perfectly within the context of Access Space – a free, open digital arts lab. In the context of Open Source I share the belief that processes of production should not be hidden.

The mock rehearsal space you enter coming in from the street represents the process of devising and making, trying out. As a transit space the foyer gives free access to the space of art. You are invited to engage and question, open a dialogue. …

Susanne Palzer, 2012

The Random Process Experiment runs from 06 June until 31 July 2012.
(on)times will be published in advance:

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