Wednesday, 17 April 2013

OPEN PLATFORM_3 22 February 2013 at Access Space - Performances

RAP(s)- Random Access Performance(s) - TwT.crossplatform

Susanne Palzer - Black Screen

OPEN PLATFORM_3 opens with the audience being ushered into a blacked out Access Space foyer. With voice and text and in total darkness I simulate a brief scenario of computer start up problems. Questioning our contemporary dependancy on technology I wonder if we still know what may turn us on instead? 

OPEN PLATFORM/RAP: Susanne Palzer/Black Screen
Video Still: Zoe Marciniak/Susanne Palzer

Richard Bolam - What do you do when the Sat-nav fails?

Richard Bolam stays with the theme of technology failure by describing a journey in which he keeps driving and driving and driving ... until he runs out of fuel and eventually finds himself hungry and lost by the roadside - with an empty phone. 

 Richard Bolam/What happens
when the Sat-nav fails?
HDV Still:
Richard Bolam/Susanne Palzer 

Robin Close - This Performance contains Strobe Effects

Robin Close presents a different take on 'on/off' and surprises the audience by blinking his eyes rapidly, creating strobe effects for his own vision.

Performance contains Strobe Effects
Photo: Susanne Palzer
Performance contains Strobe Effects
Photo: Susanne Palzer 

John X. Moseley - Plato's Mechanical Book

For his second appearance at OPEN PLATFORM John X. Moseley continues his reflection on technology with a poem: a story about a book reading itself - the book reads, Plato writes and gains riches in the process. Featuring mechanical trombones, colossal cucumbers and other wondrous things, it also leaves us pondering sheds and Plato's cave.

Plato's Mechanical Book
Photo: Susanne Palzer

Stuart Faulkner - Double Dragon

Stuart Faulkner closes OPEN PLATFORM_3 with a delightful physical reenactment of a computer game. After 'training' two audience members as 'players' he leads us from the platform out into the car park where we are let loose as 'villains' attacking the 'players' and their 'controllers'. At the end of a fun evening we are all winners! ; ) 

OPEN PLATFORM/RAP: Stuart Faulkner/
Double Dragon
Photo: Susanne Palzer

Unfortunately Martyn Eggleton was unable to perform at this event.

We are currently planning OPEN PLATFORM_4. If you are interested in performing please get in touch with Susanne.