Thursday, 26 July 2012


Friday, 27 July 2012, 6-8pm at Access Space

After two months of random process, research and experimentation I have offered a platform to anyone interested in taking part in the final Performance Test of the project. Following an Open Call to experiment, perform, express, dance, present, sing, rap, read or to just tell us about your digital work without using anything digital we look forward to an evening of 'the serious to the ridiculous'!

Performances will be 1-10 minutes in duration and will take place on a wooden platform (65cmx95cm).

Performers so far

Richard Bolam
Eddy Dreadnought
Sunshine Gray
Liz Hall
Jake Harries
John X. Moseley
Susanne Palzer
James Price

We look forward to seeing you at OPEN PLATFORM!

Access Space, Unit 1, AVEC Building, 3-7 Sidney Street, Sheffield, S1 4RG

For further in formation:

Susanne Palzer
Jake Harries


Photo: Susanne Palzer