Monday, 30 July 2012

OPEN PLATFORM_1 27 July 2012 at Access Space

OPEN PLATFORM/The Garlic of Performance Art
Photo: Susanne Palzer
RAP(s) - Technology without Technology

Thanks to all the performers who took up the challenge of performing the digital without using anything digital and for taking part in the final Performance Test of the Random Process Experiment! It was a great evening of randomness and made this closing event a very special one!

Thanks to everyone at Access Space for all their help and support of RAM/RAR/RAA+RAP(s)!

Here is a little taster - Liz Hall's poem about video editing - more to come soon!

Photo: Susanne Palzer


Static spits from the bright faced screen.
Cursor picks up tiny mountains,
specks of birds. I drag and drop into the timeline,

clipping and cutting, till I can tell the stories
of spring migration, struggle for territory,
the flush to summer plumage.

I try to still a wind-shaken forest but
the image will not stabilise and
crashing ravens jump and flap against the sky,

and as the time bar creeps its binary track,
caterpillars crawl out from between
the keys, trail their clipping path

across my hands. Cables thicken
into tree snakes, shed plastic skin, curl
scaled bodies around the legs of furniture.

The hard drive hum transitions into a chorus of cicadas
which purr and crop at leaves of paper.
A flock of cranes circling across the screen,

breaks free from behind glass and zooms screaming
past me, knocking reels from shelves,
as they head for the cloud that gathers at my ceiling.

Spools bounce and spill onto a carpet of grass
and waves of brown tape cascade into rapids,
white rivers waterfall down stairways

of sparkling granite. As the water swirls
around my feet, I let go command, control, feel
my skin dissolve into pixels of twinkling light,

pin points of colour. I am rendered
ineffectual, compressed
into the memory of atoms. I am

surrounded by the breathing
of a million different creatures,
so that I have no beginning,

no end, one endless loop of life,
no in-point, no out-point.
I am static.

Liz Hall July ‘12